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Whispers Of Carpathian Wolves Reviews :


One of the best kept secrets of the Canadian Black Metal underground, warlike hate and torture, plowing forward, with that old relentless feeling that the old master of Black Metal used to create. Picking influences from Veles, Trelldom, Gorgoroth, Ildjarn etc!

THR (Total Holocaust Records)


Myrkal hails from Canada and is a young one man project, 'Whispers of Carpathian Wolves' is the first release so far. To hear are 5 pieces (intro/outro included) of extreme, raw and hateful sounding Black Metal merged with freezing riffs and some melancholic leads, pounding drums and very insane and hateful vocals.

Blasphemous Underground

Sick and disturbed black metal, possibly similiar to the almighty Mysticum!! Another great release from INTOLERANT RECORDS

Demonic Possession Records

Sick Black metal band from Canada with unique style and music

Demonic Death Records