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Official Release


Whispers Of Carpathian Wolves

(Tape Version Only)

(Myrkal 1st Demo)

Track List

1- Intro

2- Whispers Of Carpathian Wolves

3- Heretic Supremacy

4- War On Humankind

5- Outro


Limited to 200 Copies / No reprint

Released On Intolerant Records


All music and lyrics performed by Lord Arzos

Recorded During Winter 2002-2003

Released on march 30th 2003


Still Available...


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Upcoming Project...


Split CDr with Sterkvind/Myrkal/Robed In Exile

To be Released on SMR Vinland

Cdr Pro-Cover limited to 500 copies / No-Reprint

To be released By June/July 2003


4 Way Canadian Split Called "Canadian Black Metal Assault"

Myrkal/Funeral Fog/hellacaust/Geimhre

Cdr Pro-Cover Limited to 500 Copies

Release Date is September 2003

Demonic Death Records